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Our vision

In the nationwide project "witness of the witnesses" (German: „Zeugen der Zeitzeugen“) we want to encounter the last generation of Holocaust survivors and their children and grandchildren, to engage in dialogue with them and to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive, now and in the future. The young people thereby become witness of the witness who can act as multipliers and keep the memory of the Holocaust and the life stories entrusted to us alive. We strengthen the relations between Germany and Israel through bilateral travels.


Whoever listens to a witness, becomes a witness [...]. We do not live in the past, but the past remains in the present.

Eli Wiesel, in 2002 / 2010, Holocaust survivor (quote)

Our honorary patron Melody Sucharewicz

Leave that lack of imagination behind!“ Sending students to concentration camp memorials is not enough. A stint in a Kibbutz in Israel as a student lastingly weakens the virus of anti-Semitism. It de-pathologizes. In schools, Israel must not be reduced to the Middle East conflict, just as Judaism must not be reduced to the Holocaust. I am glad about the work of Zeugen der Zeitzeugen, who have understood exactly this, and wish them much success in multiplying their educational activities.

Melody Sucharewicz


Melody was born in Munich in 1980. In 1999, she emigrated to Israel after finishing her Abitur (German High School Diploma). After studying anthropology, sociology and business management in Tel Aviv, she earned the position of Israeli goodwill ambassador thanks to her extraordinary rhetoric and diplomatic skills, which she was able to demonstrate before the United Nations in New York, among others. Today, she works internationally as consultant in the private and public sector.